Vehicle Security Alarms, Trackers & Immobilisers

BCSS for vehicle security products Coulsdon Surrey London

We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle from being stolen. That's why we offer a sales and installation service for a wide array of car alarms and security products to suit all budgets. Our expert installation service ensures your car alarm is fitted correctly to ensure your vehicle is protected from being stolen.

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We can supply and fit OBD Portector to your vehicle

OBD Portector

Today most vehicles are stolen using devices which plug into the OBD port ‘hacking’ the brain of the vehicles. Portector is an innovative hardware solution which permanently integrates into the vehicle without the need to cut into the wiring and designed specifically to protect a vehicles OBD port. It works by stopping the information travelling to the OBD port and therefore prevents a thief from accessing it, effectively closing the OBD port whilst Portector is armed. Portector protects against the most commonly known methods used by the modern day thieves to steal a vehicle.

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Ghost by Autowatch, non-detectable immobilisers supplied and fitted by bcss in Coulsdon Surrey London UK

Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost is the world's first aftermarket CAN bus non-detectable immobiliser by Autowatch. It protects your vehicle from hacking, key-cloning, and even key theft. The only way someone could take a vehicle protected with Ghost is by physically towing it away. There are no key-fobs or LED indications to this system, Ghost utilises buttons in your vehicle such as on the centre console, steering wheel and door panels to allow you to create a unique PIN code sequence (up to 20 presses long!) that must be entered first before your vehicle can be driven away.

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CarSec by Biodit, vehicle fingerprint identification immobilisers, Coulsdon Surrey London UK


CarSec by Biodit protects your vehicle using fingerprint identification technology. The system prevents the engine starting until your fingerprint is accepted. No additional devices such as computers or keyboards are required in order to change the parameters of the system. You only need to follow the instructions and enter into the fingerprints system. The installation is easy and suitable for every vehicle, no matter the brand etc. CarSec has been designed for every vehicle.

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Thatcham approved vehicle alarms and trackers supplied and fitted by BCSS

Vehicle Alarms & Trackers

We supply and fit a wide range of vehicle Thatcham and EU approved alarms and trackers from the industries leading brands. Fitting an alarm or tracker to your vehicle deters wannabe thiefs and dramatically increases the odds of the police recovering it should it get stolen. From tailored security systems through to products that utilise your existing key or remote, we can advise you on the right product for your vehicle and budget.

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