Classic Car Audio Upgrades Retrofit

BCSS audio upgrades for your VW T5 / T6

Whether you're just looking to upgrade your classic car's stereo head unit or want something completely bespoke, at BCSS our audio upgrades seamlessly blend in with your vehicle's age to achieve that original factory look.

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Classic car audio upgrade package 1 supplied and fitted

Entry level Subwoofer Upgrade

Price: £350 supplied and fitted.

For this entry level subwoofer upgrade we are going to use an Phoenix Gold Z880 8" active subwoofer that we will install under the driver or passenger seat of your van. This upgrade can work with original manufacturers radio or an aftermarket head unit as well. This does come with a separate bass controller so you can fine-tune that designer need.

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Classic car audio upgrade package 2 supplied and fitted

Next Level Subwoofer Upgrade

Price: £675 supplied and fitted.

At the forefront of subwoofer technology, Audison take lows to new heights with this active subwoofer. Capitalising on a class D amplifier's ability to drive extremely low impedance loads, the woofer itself utilises two low impedance voice coils offering an overall nominal impedance of 0.16 Ohms. This means the 400 Watt onboard amplifier can work with extreme efficiency offering mind-blowing bass for such a compact sub/amp combination. With both high and low-level signal inputs, the amplifier offers a built-in Butterworth lo-pass filter (12dB/octave) that can be bypassed when fed via a bit DSP. The APBX 10 AS is equipped with a quick release smart plug for easy removal if extra space is required!

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Classic car audio upgrade package 3 supplied and fitted

Radio Head Unit Upgrade

Supplied and fitted.

Upgrading your classic car's radio to a Blaupunkt DAB radio offers a multitude of benefits. With its DAB+ tuner and included windshield antenna, you'll enjoy superior reception and a broader range of high-quality digital radio stations. The radio's numerous serial interfaces, USB ports, auxiliary connection, and SDHC slot provide versatile music source options, while Bluetooth audio streaming adds convenience. "Made for iPhone/iPod" compatibility ensures seamless integration with Apple devices, and all settings are permanently retained even after battery disconnection. In essence, this upgrade not only modernizes your car's entertainment system but also enhances audio quality and convenience, making it an excellent investment for classic car enthusiasts seeking a blend of vintage style and contemporary functionality.

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