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Audio control Sound Processing & Integration Products

Sound Processing & Integration

From multi-channel graphic equalisers, bass enhancement, to channel expansion products that allow car sound system integrators to add additional audio devices such as Sat Nav's, external audio sources and mobile phones, we provide solutions to any installation integration conundrums. Contact us for our full range.

Skinz Dampening Products

Sound Dampening

Good car audio begins with properly treated doors and panels. Flexing metal panels and expanses of plastic cause a myriad of issues with car sound from bass cancelling road noise to annoying shakes rattles and vibrations. The importance of sound treatment for your car audio system such as the Skinz range should never be underestimated. Contact us for our full range.

Connection cables & interconnects

Cables & Interconnects

We stock a range of products for wiring power to amplifiers, amplifiers to speakers and head units to amplifiers etc. Cables and interconnects are available in different grades depending on how discerning the listener and their choice of equipment is. When dealing with extreme current capabilities of large amplifiers to use inferior power wiring could prove extremely dangerous! Contact us for our full range.

Sub Box & Speaker fit Adaptors

Sub Box & Speaker fit Adaptors

We keep abreast of car manufacturer developments and stock a wide range of physical adaptor products to accommodate aftermarket speakers in specific vehicle models, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards. Contact us for our full range.

Vehicle Alarms & Accessories

Vehicle Alarms & Immobilisers

We are stockists of a wide range of vehicle alarm and immobilisers from the leading security brands. Using precision engineering and leading technology we have the right product to suit all budgets which offer a range of security features you can rely on for piece of mind. Contact us for our full range.

Vehicle Parking Sensors supplied and fitted

Parking Sensors

We supply and fit a wide range of front and rear parking sensors, but focus mainly on (OE) Original Equipment style parking sensors that are flush mounted giving a factory fitted look. All our parking sensors give audible warning sounds, giving you extra confidence in confined spaces. View our range

Reversing Cameras stocked and fitted

Reversing Cameras

Reversing cameras can detect small objects or low walls that could otherwise be obscured. Having a reversing camera supplied and fitted to your vehicle will give you peace of mind and allow you to park with confidence. Contact us for our full range.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems

A tracking system fitted to your vehicle dramatically increases the odds of the police recovering it should the worst happen and its stolen. A Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) device will protect your vehicle with Interpol ICPO assistance in over 100 counties. Thatcham Approved, a secure Insurance certificate will be sent to you. Suitable for many types of vehicle. Contact us for our full range.

In-Car & Witness Cameras

In-Car & Witness Cameras

You can never be too sure who is on the road. It's possible you could be involved in an accident at any time, whether it’s on the school run or travelling to work; you never know. Having a witness camera fitted to your vehicle can give you piece of mind that you will be covered just in case. Contact us for our full range.

Speed Camera & Radar Detectors

Speed Camera & Radar Detectors

In-car devices to alert you to all speed limits as well as police speed traps. These products will display your speed and alert you of the speed limits plus also incorporates award winning GPS technology to warn you of speed traps for safer driving. Contact us for our full range.

Bluetooth handsfree kits Surrey

Bluetooth Hands-free Kits

Our range of hands-free bluetooth kits offer a complete solution for in-car calls and music. Featuring high-resolution TFT colour screens and wireless remote controls that can be mounted on your steering wheel or dashboard, we have the right kit to suit your requirements. Contact us for our full range.

In-car entertainment systems Surrey

In-Car Multimedia Systems

From rear view cameras, tv tuners, dvd players, roof mounted headrest or rear seat entertainment systems, we have the product for you! Featuring Hi-Res LCD displays with touch controls, the ability to configure the system to meet your specific needs and vehicle. Contact us for our full range.

Stereos & DAB Radios suppliers

Stereos & DAB Radio

Adding a new stereo with DAB radio can really enhance sound quality and your musical enjoyment. Features include outstanding digital radio reception as well as the ability to connect and control iPod, iPhone, iPad or compatible USB devices and are easily fitted to your vehicle. Contact us for our full range.

Suppliers of Sat Navs

Sat Navs

Sat Navs are a great addition to your vehicle especially if you hate getting lost or being stuck in traffic jam. Featuring touchscreen with lane assist and junction view, we have a great range of sat navs that are suitable for UK, ROI and Europe. Contact us for our full range.

Meguiars Car Care & Cleaning Products

Car Care & Detailing

Stockists of a wide range of Meguiars premium car care and detailing products. From waxes, interior and exterior polishes to wheel cleaners, car shampoos and conditioners, we can advise on the best product for the best results. Contact us for our full range.

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