Custom Car Audio Installations

Jeep audio upgrades Coulsdon London Surrey

Jeep Wrangler

Really enjoyed this one. We pulled out the manufacturers audio system that just doesn’t cut it and upgraded it with Morel front and rear speakers. We then added a 5 Channel HD Jl audio amplifier to give it a nice bit of power and used a 12” Cerwin Vega sub to give it a nice kick. The end result was one happy customer.

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Porsche 997 custom audio upgrades Coulsdon Surrey London UK

Porsche 997

This was a crazy build it was done for a good customer. In the back of the Porsche we used a marine 6 1/2 inch coax speaker for real vocal and made a custom box which housed 4 x 10 inch Hertz sub mille upgraded speakers. The factory radio was replaced to an Alpine double din linked to an Audison Bit One processor and then onto a Hertz HP3000/1 amplifier and 2 x 4 channel Hertz mille amplifier.

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BMW i8 audio upgrade specialists Coulsdon London Surrey

Bmw i8

This was a lovely car to work on. To give it an audio upgrade we installed an Audison AP8.9 DSP amplifier, we took out the factory 4” speakers in the door and replaced them for a Morel 5.25” coaxial and the 6x9 subwoofer with a Morel. Then time was spent tuning and sound proofing. The end result was one lovely sounding i8.

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VW T25 Pick Up custom audio upgrades London Surrey Coulsdon

VW T25 Pick Up

Absolutely love this VW Pick Up, it was a pleasure to work on. We had to get it done in time for our customers long journey. We installed 6.5 inch speakers in the front door, two pairs of 6x9 speakers, a five channel amplifier, 12” subs and the Kenwood CD Dab Bluetooth all in a custom install.

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Audi audio upgrades London Surrey Coulsdon

Audi RS6

2014 Audi RS6 with a bit of Cerwin Vega and Hertz Monster Love. 3 Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro 15"s one of the bad boy Hertz SQL Monster 15k amp, 10 x Cerwin Vega Pro 6.5" midranges 4 x Hertz SQL show tweeters custom door cards custom sub box and boot build With custom Perspex port 22mm thick and loads of LED lighting.

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BMW X5 custom audio upgrades Surrey London UK


We have done quite a few cars for this customer. We installed 4 pairs of Blam audio 3way kits that has 6.5 mid bass 3” mids and tweeters. A four 4 channel amplifier was added and a 6000 watts Hertz SPL show amp as well as four kick 15s. This BMW X5 deafly hit all the notes.

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Vauxhall Zafira audio upgrades Coulsdon

Vauxhall Zafira

A cool custom install in this Vauxhall Zafira with the Hertz mille range Front door speakers rear doors using two amplifiers 4 channel for the interior speakers and then a mono block to run the JL Audio subs we have a ten inch sub in a custom box built in that side so when he takes out the other box with two more 10” sub he still has bass and now has loads of space.

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Ford Transit M Sport custom audio upgrades

Ford Transit M Sport

We upgraded this lovely Ford Transit M Sport speakers with Audison Voce and ran them active on a Hertz hdp5 5 channel amplifier, connected to that was the Audison Bit 10 processor and for the subwoofer. A Prima 10 inch sub underneath the drivers seat and to make the van feel a lot more comfy inside we sound proofed the whole van and carpet all the panels to give it a nice finishing touch.

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Ford Focus RS with a custom kenwood audio upgrade

Ford Focus RS

A custom audio installation on a Ford Focus RS by using the customers original product and then we supplied and fitted the Kenwood DNX-5180 navigation system with bluetooth, dab radio, carplay and also upgraded the security with a Clifford alarm.

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BMW 3 Series 2012 audio upgrade Surrey London UK

BMW 3 Series 2012

BMW 3 Series 2012 with an upgraded car audio system. We installed a subwoofer under the seats with a JL Audio xd amplifier and dynamat sound proofing. In the front we fitted xfire audio speakers to really liven things up.

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Toyota VX Limited custom audio upgrades UK

Toyota VX Limited

A customer brought this beast in with the audio system in a complete mess. We completely re-wired the whole vehicle with custom building and some other parts. Although not all the builds were done by us, we rectified all the issues. The result is one very happy customer with an awesome sounding truck!

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BMW 1 Series audio upgrades by Brian Car Sounds Security in Coulsdon UK

BMW 1 Series

Another happy customer with our Package 3 BMW audio upgrade. Our audio setup features Audison speakers in the front and a Rainbow 8" subs under the seats and a JL audio 4 channel amplifier. All our packages come with sound proofing.

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Ford Ranger with custom audio upgrade Surrey London

Ford Ranger

Keeping with the original head unit we added an Audison bit10 processor connected to a JL Audio five channel amplifier running a set of prima 6.5 coaxial in the front. At the rear we installed a JL Audio 8" sub underneath the rear seat in a custom enclosure.

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BMW 3 Series e93 audio upgrade by BCSS Coulsdon Surrey London

BMW 3 Series e93

A customer brought their BMW 3 Series e93 in for a custom audio upgrade with Audison prima front mids and tweeter speakers and Rainbow under seat subwoofer. We also fitted a JL Audio XD amplifier with dynamat sound proofing.

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP with audio upgrade

Lamborghini Gallardo LP

A totally custom JL Audio upgrade in this stunning twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP. We added top of the range ZR components in the doors, an 8W3v3 subwoofer fabricated into a custom box between the front seats and the awesome HD600/4 to power it all.

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Audi R8 with a custom audio upgrade

Audi R8

A customer brought in their Audi R8 for an audio and security upgrade. Kenwood ddx9716bts with custom face plate, jl audio c3 components, two jl audio 10tw1 subs in custom fit ported box and a rd900/5 5ch amp, insulated with dynamat.

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Infiniti G35 with custom Hertz audio install

Infiniti G35

A Infiniti G35 with a full hertz custom fibreglass install housing to 12" subwoofers, a five channel hertz amplifier, front meds tweeters and custom housing for airlift suspension.

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Hummer hearse conversion

Six Wheel Hummer

A customer brought in their six wheel hummer wanting it converted into a hearse. Something very different for us but we are always up for a challenge. The thing is an absolute beast!

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Lamborghini Murcielago audio upgrade

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago came in for audio upgrading for Kenwood double din radio with a Morel front speakers JL audio XD amplifier running the front and a the sub tw1-10 all done with custom enclosures and amp rack.

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Smart car with audio upgrade

Smart Car

A customer brought their Smart car in for some audio upgrades. We fitted a Kenwood double din with navigation and dab with Bluetooth. We installed front door Audison Prima apk5 speakers and a set of tweeters just to raise the sound up a little bit and then 2 x JL Audio tw1 12" subs mounted in a custom box and a Hertz hcp1 amplifier to run them.

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Ford Focus with audio upgrade

Ford Focus

A new Ford Focus with an audio upgrade. We installed a cool set of JL Audio c2 speakers front end and a set of JL Audio c2 in the rear. We then added a JL Audio xd700/5 5 channel amplifier with a 12" tw1-12 sub. What we ended up with is a very smart custom install with awesome sound!

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Ford Fiesta with audio upgrade

Ford Fiesta

A customers Ford Fiesta with a custom Hertz, JL Audio and Alpine sound system upgrade. We installed an Alpine Apple CarPlay unit, 2 pairs of c3 650 mids speakers and tweeters 6, JL Audio 13w7 subs, Hertz spl show amps 6000 watts on the subs and the spl show to channel running the front.

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Audi TT with audio upgrade

Audi TT

We took out all the Audi audio and replaced it with an alpine 8" touchscreen X801D-U, replaced the oem door speakers with a set prima 8" mid bass 4" mids and the dash tweeters. We used a Hertz hcp 5 five channel amplifier and for the bass we box in the back behind the seats and put a set of 8" Hertz subs once all set up it gave a amazing sound and no space was taken up of the car.

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34 Ford Coupe with audio upgrade

34 Ford Coupe

A 34 Ford Coupe with a custom audio upgrade. Top of the line Alpine CDE-178BT head unit and a set of JL Audio TR 525 speakers.

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MK7 Ford Fiesta with custom Hertz audio install

MK7 Ford Fiesta

A customer's MK7 Ford Fiesta with a custom fibreglass Hertz audio boot install and bespoke front and rear door and side panels.

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Custom audio install in a Range Rover Sport Lumma CLR RS

Range Rover Sport Lumma CLR RS

So we have been working hard for the last couple of weeks on a Range Rover Sport Lumma CLR RS and today the beast left. Another happy customer, sounding amazing.

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Cool audio system installed in a VW T5 Transporter

VW T5 Transporter

A full camper conversion on a Volkswagen T5 Transporter SWB. Installation of interior kitchen, sink, gas, water and electrics in this fully working camper. Another happy customer!

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Harley Davidson with upgraded radio

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

A nice Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorbike which we upgraded with a Kenwood dab radio and Morel speaker.

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Custom audio install in a 2 Series BMW

2015 2 Series BMW

Some cool audio upgrades fitted to the front doors with Audison Voce mids and tweeters, a pair of Rainbow under seat subs, a set of 4 inch Prima on the rear shelf, a Prima 8.9 eight channel amplifier.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with a custom car audio installation

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder 570 in for a custom audio upgrade to the sound system. Audison bit ten audio processor, JL Audio 8" W1 subwoofer in a custom housing in between the seats. JL Audio C3 650 mids, tweeters and a XD400/4 amplifier with connections.

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Volkswagen T4 Van with custom audio installation

Volkswagen T4 van

A very cool Volkswagen T4 van we kitted out for a customer with a range of Cerwin Vega audio equipment. We love this van, check out the mobile bar!

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Renault Clio Sport custom audio upgrade installation

Renault Clio Sport

A customer's Renault Clio Sport with JL Audio custom installation. We decked it out with HD1200, HD600/4,c5 components upfront, a set of C2 in the rear panels, a clean sweep of the original radio and four JL Audio 8" W7.

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Mercedes A Class custom car sound system

Mercedes A Class

2015 Mercedes A Class popped in for a custom subwoofer audio upgrade. We installed two Hertz audio Energy 10" subwoofers and a HCP-1D amplifier which was housed in custom sub boxes.

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Ferrari 360 with a audio upgrade

Ferrari 360

A customer's Ferrari 360 with an Alpine CDE-178BT head unit, Audison APK 165 2-way component speaker system up front and in the rear a AP8 8" subwoofer and SR-4 audio upgrade.

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Ford F-150 audio upgrade

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 with some cool car audio system upgrades with front Morel mids and tweeters, rear Hertz speakers, JL Audio 5 Channel and 2x JL Audio 10tw1 subwoofers and a Target Blu Eye traffic system.

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Bespoke car audio system install in a Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC in for a Target Blu Eye traffic safety system, 4 x Cerwin Vega Pro 10" subwoofers, Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro Amplifier, Audison Prima AP8.9 with bit ten audio processor.

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